Protect your family with wasp nest removal, spider proofing, ant control and other pest management throughout Christchurch and Canterbury

Wasps, whitetail spiders and fleas can put your family at risk.  Rats, ants and borer can damage your home.  Can you really afford not to have a professional pest exterminator you can trust on speed-dial?

You will find that whatever your pest problems are, Pest Free Professional Control can help you solve them.  Services are tailored to your property and needs, but some examples of work done in Christchurch, Rangiora, Pegasus and Ashburton include:

You will receive up to 50% off the price when multiple treatments are applied at a single visit.  Senior citizen discounts are also available.

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Safe pest control for your Christchurch property including borer treatment and rodent control

If you have already tried DIY pest treatments you know how harsh the chemicals are (and often still fail to work).  Eliminating pests is one thing, but it must be achieved in a manner that is safe and doesn’t damage your most valuable asset.  When you invite Pest Free Professional Control into your home, you have peace of mind that you will not only have a treatment that will last but it will be the safest possible option.

Pest Free Professional Control avoids pest control techniques that require large amounts of strong chemicals, preferring to take a more tailored approach.  Our professional exterminators identify the pests and use only the chemicals that are needed to eliminate them, thus reducing your home being needlessly inundated with toxins.

All Pest Free Professional Control technicians have completed urban pest management unit standards to gain registration with the Pest Management Association of New Zealand ( PMANZ) and are approved handlers of hazardous substances.  They also undergo security checks to hold a controlled substance license.

Our technicians stay up-to-date with advances in the pest control industry by participating in ongoing professional development.

Premium pest management services that work long term. From ant, flea, fly and spider control to rat and mice removal

Whether it is rats in the roof, wasps in a wall, spiders inside the house, ants in the pantry or any other unwelcome visitors, Pest Free Professional Control deals with them all and provide a guarantee.

If you require an ongoing pest management programme, for example at a holiday home or rental property, the team at Pest Free Professional Control can help with that too.  A wide range of businesses and restaurants are also serviced throughout Christchurch, Timaru and Ashburton.

For a treatment that is safe and effective the choice is simple. Call Pest Free Professional Control today, to discuss your needs.

Pest Free Professional Control is passionate about protecting your home and family from pests

  • Wasp nest removal, spider control, borer treatment and more
  • Protecting your property the safer way
  • Ongoing pest management programmes available

Throughout Christchurch and surrounding areas including Rangiora and Pegasus

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